Project Overview

Launched in spring 2010 by Valent Professional Products, the Legacy Tree Project aims to raise awareness about the threat of invasive pest populations and the solutions that can help communities save trees.

Doing so will not just help maintain property values, reduce energy costs and serve as habitat for wildlife; it will also help build a legacy in the sense that future generations will also be able to enjoy the beauty and benefits of thee beautiful trees.

First year recap: Focus on Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

To take part in the first year of the program, Valent Professional Products selected 6 municipalities across the Midwest and 6 Chicagoland-area communities:

  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Elgin, IL
  • Glenview, IL
  • Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Lake Forest, IL
  • Naperville, IL
  • Noblesville, IN
  • Oak Creek, WI
  • Schaumburg, IL
  • Worthington, OH
  • Wyoming/Lockland, OH

After consulting with local arborists and municipal officials to identify the trees to be treated, Valent Professional Products provided Safari® Insecticide free of charge and contracted with the Davey Tree Expert Co. to make the applications. Valent treated a total of 2,243 ash trees in 12 official Legacy Tree Project communities, and Valent also provided free product to several other communities that are handling application and monitoring on their own. The initial applications were made in June and early July 2010, helping to preserve these valuable ash trees for many years to come.

Looking Ahead

In 2011 the Legacy Tree Project will continue to focus on raising awareness of the threat of invasive pests such as emerald ash borer, hemlock woolly adelgid and ficus whitefly, as well as the options available for protecting and saving trees from these pests.